Why Magnetic Island?

Magnetic Island and its beautiful beaches, natural picturesque scenery and laid back lifestyle make it a perfect choice for your next holiday. If you are trying to escape to some tropical sunshine but undecided as to where, its worth noting that Magnetic Island has many more days of sunshine than the Whitsunday Islands, Cairns or Port Douglas.

within the World Heritage Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, featuring spectacular natural landscapes and seascapes including boulder-strewn headlands, hoop pines, high quality sandy beaches and fringing coral reefs perfect for snorkelling.

Just over half of Magnetic Island is protected National Park. Wildlife is abundant with koalas, wallabies, echidnas, possums and over 100 bird species. A continental island composed mostly of granite, it was once part of the mainland before the sea level rose about 7500 years ago.

The island is mostly covered with open eucalypt woodland of bloodwoods, stringybarks and grey ironbarks. Hoop pines and native kapok are found on the headlands, and rainforest is found in sheltered gullies.

The island is surrounded by sandy beaches (including some turtle nesting areas), fringing reefs, mangrove communities that are important as fish nursery areas and seagrass beds which support a significant dugong population. The Wulgurukaba people, the "canoe people", lived on the island and nearby mainland for thousands of years. Shell middens, stone tools and art sites are physical reminders of their strong connection with the island.

The island was named by Lt. Cook during his 1770 voyage when he believed the island's landmass was affecting his compass. The island's interesting past has included hoop pine logging, a quarantine station for the port of Townsville, early tourism in the 19th century, pineapple farming and coastal defences during World War II. Magnetic Island's WWII forts are listed on the Queensland Heritage Register and are among the best examples of such fortifications on Queensland's east coast.

Pristine sandy beaches, glistening turquoise waters, inspiring tropical weather and a vibrant local community. A landscape as unique as it is beautiful; Magnetic Island truly is a destination of choice. Situated in North Queensland’s renowned Great Barrier Reef region and only 8km from Townsville, Magnetic Island is the ideal place for visitors to relax, unwind and immerse themselves in the romance of a genuine natural paradise. The Island plays host to an abundance of native wildlife and an assortment of bush trails beyond compare. It has numerous secluded beaches and bays that are framed by awe-inspiring rocky headlands with huge granite boulders, softened by majestic emerald green hoop pines. Where the rocky headlands meet the sea, many secluded beaches have formed. Some so private, they can only be reached on foot or by boat. These hidden treasures include: the charming Rocky Bay, a very private oasis resting between rugged headlands; Radical Bay, the Island’s pride and a yachties paradise; sparkling Balding Bay, a holiday maker’s haven; Arthur and Florence Bay, abounding in colourful reef life; and the striking, remote Five Beach Bay perfect for the boating and snorkelling enthusiast.


Not to be forgotten is the outstanding West Point; this hidden gem is accessible via dirt road and is a popular spot for fishing. For a more social experience, Magnetic Island’s four residential bays each feature stunning beaches that are all easily accessible and suitable for the whole family. Picnic Bay is the quieter option, with its rustic charm and a jetty perfect for the keen fisherman. Nelly Bay is ideal for a casual afternoon stroll and provides a glorious backdrop for the new Magnetic Harbour. Arcadia’s beach, Alma Bay is a favourite family swimming spot and perfect for a day out with its lush green parkland, picnic tables and playground. Horseshoe Bay is famous for its array of activities and must-see sunsets. A long expanse of beach ideal for relaxing or invigorating beach walks. Each of the main beaches is in close proximity to a great range of restaurants and pubs to ensure refreshments are never too far away. Magnetic Island’s beaches are truly world class, distinguished by their outstanding natural beauty and laid back atmosphere. Whether you opt for the spirited bustle of the main beaches or the romance of the hidden retreats, prepare to be captivated.



The Climate

There are not many places in the world that can almost guarantee you sunshine for your long awaited holiday. However, with an average of 320 days of sunshine a year, Magnetic Island is as close as they come. The pleasantly warm, sunny days make it easy for holiday makers to get the most of their island escape. The weather is ideal for kicking back and enjoying ice cold refreshments under a swaying coconut palm, or lunging head on into any of the adventurous outdoor activities on offer. The Island’s yearly average maximum temperature is an agreeable 28.7°C and the minimum, a comfortable 19.5°C. With only slight maximum temperature variations throughout the year, and glorious sea breezes, it really is beach weather all year round.